Terms of Use

Last Update: 22.02.2023
I. General Terms

1. avestcapital.net platform is managed by Avest Capital LTD, Registration Number 14664371, 24 Rivington Street, London, England, EC2A 3DU, United Kingdom
2. This document has been prepared in accordance with UK law and generally accepted cryptoassets management practices.
3. Website futures are available for use only by registered users.
4. To register an account on avestcapital.net you must be at least 18 years old and have capacity to enter into this agreement.
5. By registering on the avestcapital.net website you agree and fully accept the following Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy.

II. Deposits

1. Deposit (Investment) is a private contract between Avest Capital LTD and the individual who has registered the account.
2. When making a deposit, the user entrusts their digital funds to Avest Capital LTD and gives it the right to manage them in their best interest to ensure the income offered in the investment plan of their choice.
3. The amount of the deposit and its duration depend on the chosen investment plan.
4. The initial deposit amount will be refunded after completion of the Plan without any fees.
5. Daily earnings from the Investment Plan will be added to the user's account every 24 hours.
6. The amount of daily profits depends on invested amount and selected Investment Plan.
7. Users can calculate expected profits using the profit calculator on the home page.
8. To make a deposit, User can use any payment system accepted by avestcapital.net.
9. The value of the deposit will be expressed in USD, and each time converted at the current rate of the selected cryptocurrency. The rates are flexible and depend on the current cryptocurrency rates.
10. It is forbidden to make deposits between two registered avestcapital.net accounts. Please do not set the generated deposit address in one account as the withdrawal address in another avestcapital.net account.

III. Withdrawals

1. The user can request a withdrawal at any time as long as they have sufficient funds in their balance.
2. The time of processing the withdrawals:
Within 24 hours: for withdrawals of earnings and referral commission
Within 48 hours: for withdrawals containing funds from a released deposit.
3. Avest Capital LTD is not responsible for the speed of the blockchain network for individual cryptocurrencies. With heavy network loads, confirmation time may be longer than usual.
4. Avest Capital LTD cannot reverse or cancel cryptocurrency transfers made to a wrong wallet address. Please double-check your wallet address before you confirm withdrawal request. Funds sent to the wrong address will not be refunded.
5. Avest Capital LTD is not responsible for delays due to technical issues with the blockchain serving the individual cryptocurrencies.

IV. User Account and Security

1. Users are strictly prohibited from creating multiple accounts for the purpose of cheating the referral system and collecting commissions from their own deposits.
2. Any attempt to create multiple accounts for fraudulent purposes will result in the suspension of the user's account and the freezing of all funds in all linked accounts that were used to wrongly collect referral commissions.
3. Each User is responsible for the security of their account.
4. The highest account security is ensured by enabling two-factor authentication (at least for the login option).
5. The user should use a strong password consisting of at least 6 characters, containing upper and lower case letters, numbers, or special characters. The password should be different from the one used, e.g. for the email box associated with the Avest Capital account.
6. Please Note: Our support or administration NEVER CONTACTS users personally via Telegram accounts or other messengers. The only possible contact ways are Live Chat on our website, Contact Form on website, or E-Mail to support@avestcapital.net.
7. Avest Capital LTD never asks for payments to external crypto wallets and never promotes/recommends any other investment platforms, programs, bots, and apps.

V. Anti-Spam

1. Spam is commercial e-mail or unsolicited bulk e-mail, including "spam/junk mail", which has not been requested by the recipient.
2. It is intrusive and often irrelevant or offensive, and it wastes valuable resources.
3. If any law enforcement agency, internet provider, web hosting provider or other person or entity provide us with notice that you may have engaged in transmission of unsolicited e-mails or may have engaged in otherwise unlawful conduct or conduct in violation of an internet service provider's terms or any such policies regulations,we will reserve the right tocooperate in any investigation relating to your activities including disclosure of your account information.

VI. Procedure of Amending the Present Rules

1. Avest Capital LTD reserves the right to make changes to the current document.
2. Avest Capital LTD will inform all users about any changes by publishing it on official Social Media Channels.
3. Terms of Use changes come into force since the date of publishing information.

VII. Contact Information

1. If you have questions or complaints about this Agreement, please contact us by E-Mail:
2. Contact Us by mail:
Avest Capital LTD
24 Rivington Street, London,
England, EC2A 3DU,
United Kingdom